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Online grocery personalization is a must-have for regional grocers, especially now that more households are routinely going online for their weekly grocery shop. As many as 80% of US consumers say they want personalization from retailers.

Applied strategically, personalization can help you strengthen your connection to shoppers while overcoming some of today’s most difficult industry challenges. Here are five ways that personalization can help you strengthen your business.

1. Increase effectiveness of promos
The downside of online is that many traditional methods of enticing consumers to spend more — endcap promotions, impulse items, shelf coupons — are lost. But personalized grocery shopping creates digital alternatives to offline opportunities. In fact, by helping you target your marketing activities to reach individuals, it can lead to more effective results than mass promotional techniques.

Personalization in action: Identify individual patterns to develop customer-specific offers based on a shopper’s order frequency, average basket size, or purchase history, instead of generalized offers and mass advertising that gives everyone a discount.

This builds a sense of trust with your brand by showing customers that you know their unique preferences. And with relevant deals and offers, you’ll be saving customers valuable time when building their basket online.

It can also help you achieve a specific objective — for example, attract new customers, convert occasional shoppers into regulars, reward loyal shoppers, upsell basket size or cross-sell a specific product.

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