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Hear the words flow from Neekou’s heart. Each note and word is from his thoughts, his passions and his dreams. This is what poetry should be, a divine experience that fills your soul with inspiration!

NFT Artist

Neekou is a young independent nft artist with a wide variety of original works for sale for SL. His primary mediums are digital arts, paintings and drawings (pencil, colored pencil & charcoal), but he has also dabbled in soapmaking & sugarcraft as well.


Writer, portrait artist and communicator, Neekou is intuitive, bright and curious about the world. His play is driven by the imagination and creativity of the inner child.


Neekou is a communicator, writer, translator and also a blogger who share ideas professionally in various social media and websites. He also blogs about his emotional experience during a troubled period to help others who are going through the same thing or to prevent anyone from having problems like he had.

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